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April 23, 2006

Mom's memorial service

For those that didn't have the good fortune to make it to my mom's memorial, I am posting the audio of it here. I still intend on recording an epilogue for this site, as I feel it's important to not just end it abruptly. I know that mom would have wanted me to send her regards, and deliver a final message. There is one more thing: If anyone with terminal illness runs across this podcast, and is committed to beating the odds in what ever manner they can, please e-mail me at: ian at candycartoon.com (please Put "Attn: powerful thought" in the subject line. I would love to record a podcast with you and put it here. Also: if you are recording your own podcast with this topic, I will gladly link to you here. The original idea for this site was to be a place where people could share their stories, and connect with each other in audio form... So, without further ado: Click on my mom's image below to hear her memorial.


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